Mar 20, 2012

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Hanging with the Wrong Crowd

I am experiencing God’s grace daily with street-dependent youth.

Bible study with street youth

A view of our Bible study with street-dependent youth every Tuesday at 2pm at University Presbyterian Church.

We’ve been studying parables, both in our open Bible study on Tuesday at 2pm and at our “Going Deeper” study on Wednesday nights at 6:30. We’ve found ourselves in Luke 15 several times.

There, Jesus is hanging out with sinners and tax collectors–people who have sold out to the new culture and are considered a threat to the well-being of traditional Jewish society. The religious right are grumbling and accusing Jesus of eating and hanging out with the wrong people. Jesus uses all of Luke 15 to answer in three parables of “the lost.”

To cut to the chase, Jesus answers them with an emphatic “Yes… I’m doing that, AND it’s far worse than you think. I will leave the comfort of those I love and go after every one of these sinners until they are restored. It’s even worse than that, I value them like gold and will turn my Kingdom upside down to find and restore them. Even though they reject and waste the gifts I give them and even devise ridiculous plans to elevate or redeem themselves, I will humble myself to teach and restore them, killing the fatted calf upon their return to celebrate!”

Extended Grace

Street youth in Bible studyExtended grace to the street-dependent young people is Jesus’ idea, and I’m privileged to be a part of that daily. And I’m privileged to be partnered with YOU!

I invite you to enjoy the journey and savor the moments. Grace has such an appealing aroma. Grace has such a sweet taste. Grace is such a comforting liquor. There is nothing like it!

Learn about the ways you can partner with me on this journey: volunteer.StreetYouthMinistry. You can join our Bible study on Tuesday at 2pm (University Presbyterian Church), our study and fellowship Wednesday evening at 5:30 (dinner beforehand for $5 at Covenant Presbyterian Church, take bus #19) or our worship at 6:30 (free dinner beforehand at University United Methodist Church).

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